Monday, November 9, 2009

More of the Same

Day 17 of the neupagin this cycle. That's frustrating, because his white count was at 0.4 yesterday, after hovering around 0.1 and 0.2 for the past week. The Wife knows of a young person whose treatment - the same plan that The Boy is on - just stopped around this time, because her counts just stopped regenerating. Chemo stopped, and the little girl has been NED (No Evidence of Disease) ever since. I think we might be getting a little bit closer to that stage. Granted, he's been sick - E Coli & other things, such as a possible C Diff - but this is getting ridiculous. This will be the third transfusion of platelets over the past week, today, and the third transfusion of red blood cells.

Grandma rode into town to save the day last night, and I got home at 12:30AM and slept in my own bed. It was weird, sharing a bed with someone who wasn't The Boy, and to NOT have nurses running in the room every hour or so to poke, prod, and otherwise annoy us. I'm still exhausted, but it was nice sleeping at home for once.

Grandpa is sick - whatever cold has been floating around, he's got. Ugh. We're operating under reduced forces. No word on a possible going-home date. I'm picking Monday of next week. This is a bad one.

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