Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some Encouragement

Yesterday, The Boy didn't have Tylenol at all. His temperatures stayed in the 98's all day. What was the big change? The addition of an anti-fungal medication to his cocktail. The doctor didn't think that it would have such a quick effect, but when The Wife was on it back in August for Younger Bro's issues, she felt better in a day as well.

When I got to the hospital after school and a nap, he was awake and more himself than he'd been. We played the "Guess what The Boy Wants for Dinner" game for a little while, which culminated with him dipping beef with gravy into mustard, chewing on it to get the flavor of mustard and gravy (ewww), then letting the meat fall out of his mouth (double ewww). I didn't stop that as quickly as I would at home, because I was thrilled to see him eat ANYthing, in any form. He settled on some Rice Chex to actually consume, which made me happy.

He's a nice boy, even if he definitely, most assuredly, two years old.

Tonight's my night at the hospital. I have a teacher's meeting after school, then home to shower & shave, then to the hospital until tomorrow morning. Need to give Grandma a break. This has been an absolutely brutal hospital stay, and keeping us all in shifts is the only thing that's going to keep us sane.

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