Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some hope, maybe?

Today, The Boy's white count was up to 0.8, which was ALMOST enough to do a differential - that is, counting the number of neutrophil white blood cells, with that number being separate from the immature white blood cells. That's a strongly encouraging sign, and one that means that we might actually get to go HOME HOME HOME soon!

The Boy had a pretty decent day yesterday. Some clowns came by to entertain him, and he was laughing hysterically at them - always a good sign! They were nice guys, as I ran into them on my way into the hospital. They gave him this awesome Little People construction toy, with two plastic boulders that went bouncing around the hospital room quite entertainingly.

Grandma is not feeling well - a minor, non-communicative infection has her flat on her back for a little while. Grandpa is out of commission with a relatively major chest infection. Younger Bro has a little cold and isn't doing particularly well. So, we're severely reduced in numbers right now. Wasn't that big of a deal yesterday - I went right to the hospital after work, sent the girls and the baby home, and spent the night with The Boy.

He is REALLY into sitting in his booster chair right now. If he was awake yesterday and last night, that's where he wanted to be. He'd say, "Chair! Chair!" Then, he'd say, "Tray! Tray!" Sometimes he'll eat, sometimes he'll play with some toys, sometimes he'll just sit.

He started talking some other words, but I didn't know what they were, so we played the "Guess What The Boy Is Saying" game, by me showing him different items until I successfully guessed what they were. To make matters more challenging, he gets frustrated and will sometimes say "No!" to the item he wants, until he remembers and asks for it again. It turned out that what he wanted was "Mustard!", and then "Meat!" to go with the mustard. I found some meatballs, and he dipped them in mustard and ate them.

We napped from 6:00 until around 7:30, and then he fell asleep at around 10:30 or so. Time in the hospital is very fluid, so we take naps when we can and worry little about bedtimes. This morning, I got up and left for work at 6:45, relieved by Mommy, who is now going to get Grandma to spend time there this afternoon.

I'm hoping and praying that we get out tomorrow. I'm exhausted and need to rest. Plus, Saturday, I have the Praxis teacher's exam to re-take and a very good friend's wedding on Sunday.

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the mol said...

They do a differential at .5 or .6. No ANC yet. Hopefully he will have one today.