Friday, November 20, 2009


Things sure move quickly sometimes. It feels, right now, like we are on a roller coaster with an indeterminate ending. It's not a feeling I particularly like. Let's just say that I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and having a day to relax.

The Boy did not go in for chemo this week, like we somewhat anticipated. His platelet count dropped, from 40 to 37 from Monday through Thursday. That's distressing because we stopped neupogen on Monday, and his platelet count should be regenerating. Still, he's not in a "transfuse platelets" level, and that's good.

I wonder how far we are from the point of "discontinue chemotherapy because The Boy is not regenerating his counts." My guess is, not that far. My emotions are torn. We've known kids who end treatment early and stay cancer free; we know kids who have finished treatment and relapsed. We know everything in between as well. It's a version of Russian Roulette, with the stake being my son's life.

Not fun.

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Sarah R said...

I'm sorry. This is really stressful, and as an onlooker, I can only imagine what you're dealing with.