Friday, December 25, 2009

2nd Best Christmas Present

We got home yesterday, around 4 o'clock. The only holdup was waiting on nephrology; Dr. Moritz wanted to make sure that the new blood pressure medications were doing what they were supposed to do. We chased The Boy aroud the house for a little while, then he napped from 5:30 until around 7. We played until 11, when he slept with Grandma.

Full hospital impressions will follow later, when I'm at a keyboard instead of my iPhone.

This morning, I was again woken by a teeny-tiny little fist beating on me. Younger Bro and I played for a while, then we all got up to help The Boy use his nebulizer for the albuterol prescription.

Afterwards, he and I went downstairs, and I got an amazing several hours of snuggling with The Boy. It was very, very nice. I love those moments when he kind of wakes up, looks at me, then allows himself to fall back asleep.

The fact that he's a sbugglebug helps us get through this hell as much as it helps him, you know?

YB was quite fun all morning, too. He was even chewing on the kitchen countertop, which I found hysterical.

I'm in bed right now, trying to shake the splitting headache that I've had for three days. Have a wonderful Christmas, folks.

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Rachel said...

One day at a time....hope you have a great Christmas!