Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 more days...

Today was a wonderful day. Yes, we have a hellish deadline coming with Monday's surgery, but we again show how resilient young life can truly be. We all woke relatively early - well, all except The Boy, who is enjoying an 11pm bedtime and sleeping in. Mommy had a dentist appointment and Grandma had swimming class, so Daddy and the boys were left to fend for ourselves. We managed to survive. I made The Boy's "egg cheese! Egg cheese," even if he actually had to wait a little while for it. He ate three whole eggs worth!

After breakfast was good, old-fashioned play time! The Boy did his best to destroy the loving room, and Younger Bro struggled to avoid his morning nap. Today was interesting in that 90% of my child time was with the baby instead of The Boy. Usually it's opposite that, and I was glad for the change. YB is a charming, fun baby, and the better I know him, the happier I am that he's in our life. Granted, I'd still love for him to snuggle me to sleep, but that's just not in him yet. There's time, and i've met few toddlers that I can't convince to sleep in my lap.

When the girls got home, the playing got better. I chased The Boy around for a little while, which he loves! I chase him through a couple of rooms until I catch and tickle him, then he chases after me. I "hide" behind a door or counter or something, he finds me, and I jump out and yell, "Boo!" He falls over laughing, usually.

Lunch was nice. The four of us sat in the kitchen together, and just talked while we ate. Granted, YB didn't have much to say beyond "Da da da da" and "Bla bla bla bla bla," but he tries. The Boy chimes in about the noodles or beans, but he doesn't have that much to say, either. It's still nice to hear their voices. It's interesting that I find it a minor concern that The Boy puked up his entire lunch and some of his breakfast. We saw the signs, caught the vomit, gave him Zofran to help him feel better, then gave him a fresh plate. No harm, no foul. Is that odd? Do normal 2-year olds do this?

More playing after lunch. At 3, I unexpectedly had my oral exams for my Master's from Western Governor's, and - surprise surprise - passed! That, and three quick forms, and I was done done done with my degree. All that's left is the diploma form. Finally, after two years and two months...

To celebrate, The Wife and I went out to dinner, and we used a gift card that someone gave us a while ago. Nothing fancy - just Houlihan's. It was still nice to get out. I wonder what parents who don't have cancer treatments talk about, without scheduling, surgeries, counts, hospital visits, nurses and doctors? The Wife recounted the story of a cancer mom who took her kid - who had just busted his leg - to the emergency room ad was calm. Most parents would be freaking out... but a busted limb, while unfortunate, is nothing compared to surgery and chemo recovery.

We got hom for a nice little cookie cake that said congrats to me. The Boy ate the icing flower but was uninterested in the cake... yet asked for "More cake!", meaning more icing. Anything that turns one's mouth colors is good by definition. While he ran that sugar high off, I organized more boxes and such. Only about seven more boxes before we're straightened enough to accept more from the locker!

Five more days until the surgery. Dental work on Thursday; no plans for New Year's yet. Any year that ends with the same number or more sons than I started is a good year. Really not looking forward to the surgery, but I'm intensely curious about what caused those lesions.

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Jennifer said...

I'm praying for good results with the surgery. I keep wondering how much one family can've definitely had your share!!

My 2 year old does not nap with me anymore...hasn't for long time. When visiting my Mom we tried to let her sleep with us at night, but it didn't work. She just plays and doesn't actually sleep. She did manage to fall asleep on Granny yesterday (after late nights and no naps)...I was quite jealous.