Friday, December 18, 2009

A couple of notes...

So, when The Boy is being 2 years old and responding with "No!" to everything, I ask, "Do you want a car when you're 17?" That's really funny and cute to listen to the no response, except that he's now started asking for "Car 17!"

The other night, he got really upset when we didn't have car 17. I mean, full body, 30 minute fit fit fit. The Wife tried drawing a 17 on a car, but he wasn't buying it.

In other news, he got platelets yesterday, and I got my first experience at the hospital. It's nice! The nurses seem... well, like nurses. I wasn't impressed or distressed by them, which is a good sign.

He's got hair!!! (Just shows to go ya what happens when he doesn't get chemo for six weeks and then get a half dose of carboplatin.)

I also signed up for my reserve box at the new comic book store. They're nice. They had a Christmas tree with some presents, and The Boy went right after the presents. I told him, "They are pretend presents; the boxes are empty!" He understood that.

I've also had some great Younger Bro time since I got back. (The above picture: Kilroy was here!)

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Sarah R said...

Cute pics! You know, The Boy is still looking tall, especially in that pic of you holding him. "Car 17" is hilarious! Andrew has fits like that too. The other night, he kept hysterically screaming, "TALES! TALES!", which is a book of his, but he didn't want to look at the book, didn't want me to read it. He was having a meltdown because he didn't have a nap earlier. OMG, never again.