Monday, December 28, 2009


So, we called, first thing in the morning, just like good little boys and girls. The surgery scheduler said that she'd track down the surgeon and get us a surgery time. Our oncologist was onboard with that. We waited. Around 2, she called. It turns out that the surgeon hasn't returned into town yet from his Christmas traveling, and he wouldn't be back until next week. So, we have a surgery time scheduled for an unspecified time on Monday, January 4.

Great. That's just... great.

I suppose there's some benefit for having a rested, relatively stress-free surgeon, as opposed to one who has made the rounds of holiday parties and is still hung over. However, I'm starting to have flashbacks to scheduling the surgery at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. That surgeon was a royal pain in the ass with which to deal, and I do NOT want a repeat of that. We need to have confirmation that the 4th, indeed, is when he will be operated on; that the promised scan will occur before then; and that we have the hospital location correct. (His office is at a satellite branch of the hospital.)

Also, I >>really<< don't want this continual pushing-back of The Boy's surgery. Last time, after September scans indicated some spots, and October scans indicated growths, the surgery got pushed back from September... to the beginning of October... to the middle... to the end... and finally to the beginning of November. And, instead of removing spots, they removed a fist-sized tumor.

That will NOT happen again, at least not without me rearranging someone's face with extreme prejudice.

Other than that, it was an uneventful day. We got some boxes out of the storage locker. I relocated, inventoried, and restacked many items, probably a solid 25% of the house-stored items; I really think that, with the surgery rescheduled, I'll be able to have the house re-ordered and begin moving things from the storage locker back to the house by the end of the week. I got in lots of nice playing, and The Boy and I had our infamous "Elmo Daddy Yes!" time. (That's the code words for "Daddy and The Boy take a nap together.) We had a nice family dinner, with Younger Bro going to town on several broccoli florets - green beans tomorrow, maybe!

Now, we have the specter of my family's first visit, and trying to get the conflict between my family and my wife's family simmered down enough to survive the visit and the surgery. The last thing I want to be doing is to have to play goalie at potshots from both sides, or to have to choose where to spend my time, or to have to deal with other people's issues while my son has potentially catastrophic surgery. Ugh.


Sarah R said...

That is really frustrating. I hope you get something figured out quickly--or that someone's face gets rearranged enough so that they get the surgery scheduled ASAP!

Demaris said...

Prayers coming from TN

I'm mom of Nik, age 3 diagnosed this summer.

Keeping your family in my thoughts daily!!

Demaris Scarpelli