Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Garbage, Garbage, Everywhere...

So, after filling two garbage cans' worth of stuff from the house last night, things seem a lot more palatable. I spent a solid six hours on just a few tasks yesterday: organized my clothes into manageable piles, including packing away the stuff that I know I won't wear; organizing the garage so that stuff can be packed in there; putting a dozen "for sale" ads on Craigslist; organizing the kitchen into stuff I'll eat, stuff I'll give to food drives, and stuff to throw away. Then, I made a room-by-room list of the tasks necessary, and today I'll start to check them off as I do them.

It's a lot less intimidating when there's less clutter / garbage lying around. I'm going to start getting in touch with thrift shops and stuff, so that I can start to bring stuff around. Maybe a trip every other day with stuff, and slowly it all disappears and takes shape.

I'm sick, though, and that sucks. I've got a headache, a cough, and am really stuffed up. Argh. Need more sleep, in a more dust-free area.

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Sarah R said...

I hate clutter. It's definitely easier to move once you feel organized. Good luck with everything!