Thursday, December 3, 2009

Good timing, I guess

Monday night, I didn't sleep well at all. Tuesday, I was lethargic all day; took my temperature in the afternoon. It was 97.4, which is high for me but within bounds of a strange thermometer. On my way to rehearsal that night, my hands started to shake, I got chills, and I felt dizzy.

Congratulations, Tiger! You hit the jackpot! The FLU!

First time in years I've gotten it. I'm not surprised - with the stress of the last six months, I'm shocked I haven't gotten sick earlier. It is good timing; even though being by myself while sick is not ideal, it's mich better than being this sick with the children in the house.

The Boy started chemo yesterday, and Mommy likes the new hospital. This is 14 of 30. They are giving a half dose of carboplatin, considering how long it took to recover from the last chemo. I like that they're trying to accomodate his own issues. More later.

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