Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Playing in the New Sandbox...

So, The Wife spoke with the new nephrologist today, who said that he didn't want to mess around with The Boy's medications while he was recovering from something. Yeah, that lasted a long time... like, about three hours.

They're messing around with The Boy's medications while he's recovering from... whatever it is he's recovering from. (Yes, they still haven't given it a name.) They're canning the minoxidil and replacing it with isradipine (please excuse the spelling). Yawn. I've seen this movie before.

Here's how the plot goes: The Boy gets admitted for a neutropenic fever. His blood pressure goes through the roof, because he's off his medications or his medications don't work well while he's under extreme stress and NO rest. They mess around with his medications until they find something that works well enough, then they send us home. Repeat as needed.

I'm not a big fan of tonight's nurse. She's a subtle as a sledgehammer, meaning that The Boy wakes up every time she walks in the room. She's also one of those that needs to talk down to me because I'm a Dad, and that really pisses me off. I know that most fathers are barely aware that they have children, and that I'm an exception... but, come on. Really?

I'm quite irritated at the moment. Tonight has been a terrible night, when it's come to outside disturbances. From 1AM until 4:15AM, someone came into the room every ten minutes to do SOMEthing. Take vitals... change an antibiotic... respiratory therapy... more vitals... check this... check that... Long story short, The Boy didn't fall asleep until after 1AM, and I didn't fall asleep until after 3. That sleep lasted from 3:15 until almost 3:25, when the nurse came in to take the CBC. (Oh, and she doesn't shut off any of the alarms on the machines while she works. That's just great.)

When the resident came in for the 4:15AM check, I kind of lost it. "Unless you've got a cure for cancer, walk out and don't come back until after 6. This kid is getting 2 uninterrupted hours of sleep if it kills me." That lasted until almost 4:45, when one of the leads on his chest fell off, and nurse had to replace it, necessitating flipping him over, opening his gown, unsticking the one lead, and replacing it, then massaging the wire until it started to pick up what it needed to pick up.

Man, I gotta get out of here and sleep. I'm going crazy. I have a dentist appointment at 10 that I really don't want to go to, and then I need to sleep until dinnertime. I've had one night of remotely decent (read: not interrupted every 15 minutes) sleep in the last week.

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