Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quick update

The concert went quite well on Monday. The principal said some very nice things about me, and the students, to a person, lined up for hugs and goodbyes. They were also quite generous with presents, something which always humbles and awes me. Thank you!

Got everything loaded by about 3:00 on Tuesday, including a trip to the Elizabeth YMCA for the women's shelter. They got our crib, window air conditioner, a stereo or two that is hopelessly obsolete but still functional, and some other things.

Loaded the car onto a tow-hitch, and I was on the road at 4. The trip was blessedly uneventful, save for some snow in the mountains. I arrived in Pburgh at around 11:30 and was able to have a nice conversation with my wife. She's smart.

The Boy was asleep and didn't wake when I got him from Grandma. he snuggled up nice and close to me, which was deeply necessary for my mental health. Around 4, he finally noticed me - "Dah-Dee! Dah-Dee!"

The rest of the day went relatively smoothly - unloaded the truck for the stuff staying at the house, unpacked a bit, played a LOT. The Boy was quite upset if I left the room he was in. I get that: last time I left, it was for 3 weeks. He's cautious.

Bedtime was a challenge. I think we might just bite the bullet and get a king size bed that will fit everybody, particularly if the spots do turn out to be new cancer. Positive feelings help healing, and it doesn't seem worth it to leave him screaming and unhappy in his room.

Plus, if it does turn out to be new cancer, then I want every minute with him that I can get.

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JC said...

so glad the family is all together again!

Sarah R said...

I am so glad your family is all back in one place. My thoughts continue to be with you as we await the news on The Boy's status.

The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

I can only imagine how happy he was when he first saw you! So glad you guys are together again. I am right there with you re the king-size bed. I keep telling my husband that is what we need! That way, he won't get kicked again! I am keeping The Boy in my thoughts and hoping that you get good news, preferably sooner rather than later.