Thursday, December 3, 2009

Still sick, but hopeful

Still sick, but I'm almost feeling human again. My temperature has been close to normal most of the afternoon. It's still high - 98.6, as opposed to my normal 97.1, which approximates to a normal person's temperature of 100.1. The only thing that makes this scarier is that I never get fevers - I think this might be the fourth time, total, that my temperature has been about 97.1 since I met my wife 10 years ago. I'm tentatively planning on going to school tomorrow, because I have a concert in a week. I don't want to infect everybody, but I've missed an awful lot of time this year so far, and I want the kids to have a great performance.

If my temperature spikes to 100 again, then I'm not going to school, period. But, I really hope that it doesn't.

I actually cooked for myself again tonight. It was nothing special - teriyaki chicken thighs and brown rice - but it was still nice to do. It reminds me that I'm not a complete incompetent slob in the kitchen. I used to be quite a fine cook, but I gave up that duty entirely when I got married. It's not that it was some kind of sexist "I'm a married man, my wife should cook." It was more that the chores evolved that way over the years of our relationship. She cooks and does some of the housework, and I generally did all of the dishes (Foreman grill excepted, because I HATEHATEHATE cleaning the Foreman grill) and scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom and vaccuumed. Life worked out well like that.

The house is coming along, even if I have now lost three days' of work due to this flu illness. I filled another two garbage cans' worth of stuff today. I'm operating under the assumption that, if we haven't touched it since The Boy was born, we don't really need it. The boys' room is entirely empty, and I'll wash that down and vaccuum it tonight. The master bedroom is next for that treatment. Neither of those rooms needs a paint job, as there weren't many holes in the walls or marks on the paint. The ceiling in the master bedroom needs some touchup paint, but nothing serious.

I'm going to start making daily trips to thrift shops, to donate stuff that we want to get rid of. Tomorrow, it'll be kitchen stuff that I'm not going to need and hangers. After that, it's a bunch of kids' toys and games that are unopened - Toys for Tots, likely - and a boatload of clothing, including The Wife's maternity clothes. Once that room is empty, it'll be cleaned and washed.

The big jobs - the painting in the family room, dining room, hallways, stairs, kitchen, and studio - actually shouldn't take as long as I first feared. Once I get a handle of the rest of the STUFF in the house and can allocate things to be thrown away / donated / given away / packed for Pittsburgh, I can get the painting prepped and started. We're going to hire someone to do the bathroom upstairs (too much remedial work on the sheet rock, I think), and then we're done. I think Christmas / New Year's is a pretty good aiming point for me to be done and headed back west with one more truck.

I finally moved the holiday music onto my iPod and started playing it. I love this time of year, even if being in an empty house by myself with my family in the hospital 360 miles to the west doesn't promote the biggest holiday mood.

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