Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Surgical Resident

The surgical resident came in today. I honestly thought that she was a volunteer from the local high school. Anyway, I gave her a detailed summary of The Boy's surgical history and a summary of his oncological history.

It became apparent that she hadn't really read his medical history or listened to me. She examined his belly and said, "The incisions look good!" I replied, "They should. They're more than a year old. If they didn't, we'd be a lot more concerned."

She left, studied his chart for reals, then told me that she'd get Mommy or Daddy (otherwise known as the surgical attending) to come speak with me.

Sigh. Frightened little bunnies, indeed. Scrubs is WAY more correct than we want to think.

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The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Gosh, one would think they could do a better job faking it! I would have been beyond embarrassed! After having had a horrible experience with a student trying to set up an epidural during labor, I am so done with students. I was all up for giving them a chance to learn through me, but don't torture me; that was not the idea! On a different topic, I am sooo happy to read The Boy is doing better!

Tracy said...

Residents should know better, but they are also overworked to levels that no human being should ever be while practicing medicine. Reading a patient's chart or not is not an option.

Students are there to observe. They shouldn't be practicing unless an attending is present. If they are obviously torturing the patient, it's time for someone more experienced to take over, especially when they're inserting an epidural!

Sarah R said...

Wow, that's pretty sad. Once they get to the "resident" stage, they have already had 5 years of schooling, no?

My friend is a resident (Podiatry) and I guarantee she would be much more professional and knowledgeable than the "kid" you had yesterday. Sheesh.