Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Uneventful Chemotherapy?!?

After the IV went in this morning, things settled down quickly. Dining screwed up The Boy's breakfast, but one of the assistant directors ran up a replacement. He understood that one does not make a 2-year old wait another 45 minutes for his food. The Boy said a hearty thank-you and ripped into the eggcheese with such gusto that he made a friend out of the director.

The test people injected The Boy with radioactive stuff at 8, then took blood at 10, 10:30, and 11. His levels were a 54, which is lower than the average of 90 and much higher than the transplant level of 15. The test people were nice, and they made sure to communicate effectively with our nurse so they didn't screw anything up. That's nice to see.

The Boy went for a sort-of scheduled audiology appointment. I say sort of because we had a standing order for a test whenever we had a chance. He wasn't cooperative for the normal test, which made things a little difficult. They settled for a passive test. While they set it up, he fell asleep, which was fine. He didn't need to be awake but needed to be quiet. The whole thing took 2 hours, which was much too long.

The Wife and Younger Bro came by for most of the day, which was nice. She has an interview tomorrow for subbing in town. Good thing, because we need the money. YB was quite happy, cute, and engaging. He's starting to reach for the people he wants now, and he's having lots of fun experimenting with the whole eating thing.

After the test, Grandma and Aunt M. came by and sent us home. The Wife and I had a nice conversation about family communication. It's hard for me to remember what I told anyone, because for most of the past 2 weeks, I've been alone with The Boy for around 21 hours per day. That much time with a semi-verbal toddler does weird things with your head, and I wa having a difficult time remembering what I told my wife, Grandma, and my father, in regards to news and thanks and passing messages. Sigh. Whatever. It's a learning process.

I had dinner with The Wife, YB and Grandpa. It was nice, particularly since i don't sit with adults to eat very often. Then, it was back to the hospital. Two trips to the playroom, a bedtime story, some good natured tickling and snuggling, and listening to barbershop later, and he was asleep. I'll join him at 11:30, after Diaper Hell change.

We also met Becca and her Mom. Becca's starting the process for a bone marrow transplant. She's 16, and a neat chick. They're from Latrobe, which is 90 minutes away. Send a prayer their way, would you? Her sister is a perfect match, thank G-d, but she's got a long road ahead of her.

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Sarah R said...

I love your photo dialogues. Keep them coming!

I can't tell you how how happy I am about your recent good news (NED results). I was really worried about The Boy (not that I am not always worried anyway, with cancer) but I was so worried it was just putting a damper on things.