Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Good Day

Today was another one of those great days, of which we've become accustomed. The Wife and I went out to breakfast this morning with Younger Bro, leaving The Boy eating breakfast with Grandpa. We found a neat little place in Regent Square using the Yelp app on my iPhone. The rest of the morning was spent finishing my iPhone game that's consumed much of my hospital time for this month. Early afternoon was spent emptying the storage locker for the last time. I then spent a nice chunk of time helping out around the house, changing some light bulbs, straightening up, and such.

Mommy cooked a great meatloaf dinner. The Boy enjoyed meatloaf, and both boys enjoyed some avacado. It's not on The Boy's diet list, but considering that he's eaten a diet of eggcheese and noodles only, we're alright with that. He's also eaten some Gorilla Munch cereal, and the occasional little chunk of something else. Everything else is sodium and potassium free, so a little bit of cheating isn't a bad thing. He's been eating like a two-year-old lately, meaning grazing through many different meals in a day. That's fine.

The Boy and I got outside to play for a little while today. He drew with some chalk and went for a ride in the wagon.

Younger Bro has been wonderful all day today. He's getting the hang of the whole moving thing, and he can inch himself toward something that he wants. It's so neat to see, even if he now requires 100% attention when on the floor. He's a little machine in his movements, meaning he's "on" or "off" - full frantic momentum or asleep. No resting and snuggling for YB, nosiree.

Tonight, The Boy dozed with Grandma while I filed three months worth of papers and helped fold laundry. How exciting, no? We might go see Avatar tomorrow morning.

"The Boy, would you like to watch Scrubs with us?" His reply: "How 'bout... Street!" Sigh.

Another direct quote: "Batman! Yay!" I'll learn him comics but good, lemme tell you!

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