Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Can't ever be boring...

So, The Boy slept most of the evening and night. He'd sleep for an hour or so, wake up, look around, complain a little bit, snuggle up with Daddy, then go back to sleep. This allowed me to sleep from midnight to 3:30 or 4, then from 5:30 until 8:30.

Last night, I even watched a football game from beginning to end. It was the Iowa-Georgia Tech game. I was rooting for the Big Ten team, Iowa, and sending random, mocking text messages to Goofy about his team. I do not remember the last time I sat and watched a football game from beginning to end without significant interruption. Not this season, anyway.

So, why the title of the post? Because the epidural catheter in The Boy's back decided to suddenly clog at 4:30am. Two nurses made 3 attempts to unclog (called the anaesthesiologist in between), then the pain team resident tried and failed, then he called daddy (the attending), who couldn't help over the phone. We're still waiting on daddy to show up.

I guess The Boy inherited his dramatic side from his mother.

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