Monday, January 11, 2010

Chemo 15, Day 0

The day started with some early morning errands, then I cooked The Boy his beloved "egg cheese." He took about 3 bites and took his bib off. "Done!"

This was the cake at dinner the previous night. NED means, of course, No Evidence of Disease. Cancer is never cured, just in remission.

He apparently threw up again last night, at some point after The Wife and I fell asleep. His appetite was not really back all day, but he hasn't vomited yet. w00t.

He's had some diarhea today, which is never much fun. It's not chemo butt or vancomycin butt, so it could be worse. Whatever. We've passedthe bug around the house.

We got to the clinic at 1 and got in at 1:30. There was a boy there for a checkup who was The Boy's age - and had two brain tumors and had done his chemo and radiation. Man, it could be worse for us. Thank G-d that The Boy had his facilities. The nurse did vitals and accessed his port, and The Boy fell asleep in my lap. He slept through Dr. Graves' exam, through our admission to the floor, through the hem-onc nurse's exam and the medical history given to the children - I mean, residents.

(Side story: the elder resident said, while going over The Boy's schedule, that he'd be getting a spinal tap tomorrow. What what what? Turns out he opened the wrong window on the computer. ugh. That's why an adult always has to be with the pediatric patients - to ensure that the correct things are done.)

After that, Grandma arrived. The Boy interested himself in Mary Poppins on tv, which was great, considering that we don't have his hospital iPod since I knocked it across the room on Friday. Sigh. I'm borrowing Grandma's, but it's only 8GB and holds half the stuff that we usually take. Well, that's still more than most have. We'll see how it works out.

I got home to have dinner with Mommy and Younger Bro. Thank G-d for the baby. He's such a happy, big, strong, joyful little dude! Being with him nowadays is relaxing and fun. He's figured out - mostly - which end of the sippy cup goes in his mouth, even if he hasn't figured out the drinking thing. And, I love the great, bigl, whole body grins he gets when he sees me!

Tomorrow morning, The Boy gets peripheral IV put in. Radioactive stuff gets put in, and blood drawn every hour tells how his kidneys filter the stuff out. Then, they can set the levels of cytoxin for this round of chemo. Five days, one night of diaper hell, and we're back to the grind.

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