Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chicken Pox?!?

To the family that brought 3 kids with chicken pox, including the boy that was continually hacking and coughing and touching EVERYthing in the library:

Thank you for ruining a perfectly fun afternoon for us, on the day before The Boy goes in for surgery. You suck.

We had made a reservation a week or so ago, to play "toddler bingo" at the library. We got there, and started the game with a handful of other children. The librarian that was running the game was really cool, and he was helping The Boy get into the game. Toddlers, particularly socially awkward ones, take a little bit of time to warm up to things.

The Boy was just starting to get into the game when the Typhoid family came in the room. I started to worry when the two little girls came in with scabby sores all over their faces, and when the coughing, hacking boy walked in the room...

Well, we jumped up, explained to the librarian what was happening, gratefully received a reward sticker, and flew out of the room. I can't tell you how disappointed I am right now.

We had been really looking forward to this. It is really rare that we can go out to a scheduled event like this, and to have The Boy start to have fun and be forced to rip him away...

Cancer sucks, and this isn't the worst thing we've done or have had to do to him. But, with the surgery, the potential metastatizing of his cancer, and rigorous, destructive new chemotherapy looming tomorrow...

I guess that we just needed this more than we realized. Not just The Boy, us. My wife and myself. We want and need a happy, positive, fun memory to carry us through a difficult, soul-sucking, dangerous week(s). Thank you, Typhoid Family, for ruining that for us. You suck.

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Sarah R said...

That really infuriates me. How can they be so stupid? I hope someone told them how dumb they were.