Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Day After Surgery

Last night was challenging, but not horrendously so. They figured out the pain management thing fairly well by around 10PM, even if they've still been tweaking it over the past 24 hours. He's on an epidural, set about six inches higher than the ones given to pregnant women, and on a small narcotic that is given at need, every other hour at most. It seems to be working moderately well. The Boy is definitely not comfortable; but, he's resting and has spent most of the day asleep. He will sleep for an hour or so, be awake for ten or fifteen minutes, then fall back asleep.

I'm kind of okay with that. His awake time is difficult; he can't find a comfortable position in which to sit or to lay. Every time he coughs - and his cough comes when awake - he practically doubles over in pain. I'd rather him be asleep, healing, so that he can wake up tomorrow or Thursday and move around with somewhst more comfort.

The Boy chugged a whole bunch of apple juice last night, and it all reappeared around 6AM. The throwing up was incredibly painful to him, so he has refused to drink anything since then. I don't blame him. I wouldn't, either. He has taken his blood pressure medications without more than normal complaint.

The Wife relieved me while I went to the dentist's office. I didn't enjoy the dentist very much at all; for some reason, it's difficult to numb the right side of my mouth, so it was torturous for quite some time. I was also numb from 8:15AM until around 6PM. I went home for about a half hour before coming back to the hospital. Grandma is sick and needs antibiotics, so she can't be at the hospital for the indefinite future. So, with the exception of Mommy and Grandpa (her father, not mine) visiting from 5:30 until 8, I've been by myself.

I miss Chai Lifeline. We have no central calling place for extra help, and we don't know any support groups in the area. So, in times like this, we're stuck by myself in the hospital.

Tomorrow, I'll be here all day, again. The Wife will be here with Younger Bro from 10-ish until 11:30, when he has his 6 month checkup. Other than that, I'll hopeful have Grandpa come by around dinnertime again. Sigh. I do enjoy my by-myself time, don't get me wrong; but I'd love to talk with an adult that isn't wearing scrubs for a little while.

I got to meet Dr. Graves today. I feel good about that. I've heard wonderful things about him. He's our new oncologist. He told us that he'd let us know the pathology results when they came, and he was almost as cautiously optimistic as we are. Basically, there are three choices in front of us. If the pathology report shows nothing, then we continue with chemo #16 this week or next. If the path report shows Wilms relapse, then we'll enroll in one stage one trial. If the path report shows a different growth, then we'll enroll in another stage one trial.

I am anxious but optimistic about receiving the pathology report. We're due some good news.

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