Thursday, January 7, 2010

Definite Upside

When I got back to the hospital tonight to relieve Grandma, The Boy was still sickly: lying there, not talking or eating or doing much of anything. He claimed some of my coffee, which came back up soon after he took his nighttime meds. A Pez dispenser kept him amused for a little while, but he vomited up some apple juice a little while later. At 10, he fell asleep, just like he did the past several nights. I settled in, did some reading, and eventually turned out the lights around midnight.

At 1am, he woke up and struggled to sit up. "Puzzle!" We did the wooden puzzle in his case. "Drumsticks!" He played along with the orchestra on television. "Crayons!" He emptied the box onto his lap, and I drew numbers for him. He seemed to understand my explanation when we got into the 20's and was successfully able to predict 25 and 26 before losing interest. Smart kid...

Okay, it sucks to be awake from 1 to 4:30am, but it's awesome to see him acting like himself again. He even smiled a little bit, and he hasn't gotten pain meds since 9 or 10 o'clock. He also seems to get the question, "Are you okay?", because he will answer yes or no depending on his feelings.

Besides, wonderful playtimes like this are why G-d invented coffee.

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Sarah R said...

Hopefully he's back to his old self very soon!