Friday, January 15, 2010

Good start to the year!

Chemo #15 is 80% done, and it has been a nice chemo with no unanticipated events occurring. The Boy is doing pretty well so far. Yesterday, he woke up in an amazingly good mood. It helped that I had ordered breakfast so that it arrived shortly before he woke, so that he had "egg-cheese" immediately upon awakening. He had a great time at physical therapy, even though his game was pushing me down onto the ground, jumping on top of me, then chasing a couple of balls around the room before starting it again. We got back to the room, rested a little bit, then went to the playroom for an hour. Upon awakening from the subsequent nap, he was grouchy and out-of-sorts. I gave him some Tylenol and some new nausea medication that the doctor prescribed; at that point, Grandma sent me home and reported that he had an otherwise uneventful evening.

This morning, when I relieved Grandma, he was quite grumpy and uncomfortable. He only lasted about 15 minutes at physical therapy, because he wasn't in the mood to do anything or try any new games. However, we had a new surprise for him: Elmo and Grover came to visit the hospital today!!! Sesame Street Live is in town this weekend, and a couple of the actors came by the hospital. The Boy was quite excited about it as we built it up all morning; one sight of the HUGE Elmo & Grover suits sent him crying and running to Grandma. We got a couple of decent pictures, but it wasn't the positive experience that I was hoping it would be.

We went upstairs, and I had lunch with The Wife while Grandma rested with The Boy. She left after lunch, and we were visited by their rabbi and a couple of friends of mine from the Dapper Dans. The guys were in town because one was auditioning for Duquesne's music program. The rabbi came by to visit, which was really nice.

The rest of the day went quickly. The Boy took a quick nap and watched "Tubby the Tuba" about seven times in a row. I read some of my book, alternating sections with tickling a toddler. Grandma relieved me at dinnertime, and The Wife and I made a quick Trader Joe's run before going home. I've spent the night playing a video game on my iPhone and clearing a few things off of the TiVo. Exciting, yes, but such is life.

Currently playing: "Once More, With Feeling," from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer Season 6. The video game is "Seed 1: Rise of Darkness." The drink is Diet Mountain Dew, and the snack is Trader Joe's chocolate-covered edamame. The book is, "At the Death," by Harry Turtledove.

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