Friday, January 22, 2010

Intelligence Test

Not being around too many other kids, it's sometimes difficult to judge how The Boy's behavior is, in comparison with others. One thing I'm certain of, though, is his sense of humor. He has a fine and keen sense of the ridiculous. Here he is, prepping for Wednesday's trip to the comic book store, pointing the direction to the store.

Yesterday, we were all playing in the boys' bedroom. The Boy climbed up on the bed in there, put his head down, and snores quite loudly. It's a little game we play - I pretend that I've fallen asleep, and he jumps on me to wake me up again. Every once in a while, he falls "asleep" and I try to wake him up. It's neat to see age-appropriate or above pretending.

He's started this cute little face-cover thing with his hands when he's about to be tickled, or when he sees something really humorous. Again, humor is a good sign of intelligence - along with the counting to 20, knowing the alphabet at 18 months, and similar things.

Here's a video of The Boy, playing the musical instrument game described yesterday. It starts with Younger Bro playing with the table, but swings over soon.

We had another nice day today. Slept until almost 9. Mommy took YB to Costco after breakfast, and The Boy and I played until she got home. Well, he played. I spent two hours on the phone arguing with St. Barnabas about different medical bills.

(Bottom line? Horizon chose to ignore the referral numbers and charged us for out of network. When the hospital was told this, they had to find the referral numbers and resubmit. Horizon refuses it, they resubmit, Horizon refuses, they threaten lawsuit, and Horizon eventually pays. Keep track of your referral numbers, folks.)

After lunch, I stopped by the storage locker to pick up some documents, to Staples to copy them, to the post office to send them to our real estate attourney. Then, I exercises again - twice in a week for the first time since August. Meanwhile, Mommy napped with a pile of boys. Is it odd that he sleeps with his eyes open?

After dinner, we tried for a second family movie night. The Boy wasn't into Beauty and the Beast upstairs, or Finding Nemo downstairs. He wasn't into the popcorn but was into the ice cream. He was into the Mickey and the Beanstalk, narrated by Ingmar Bergman, which we've now watched twice.

In short, another boring day. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Sarah R said...

The Boy is very intelligent! He would get along very well with Andrew, who doesn't like toys, but loves anything to do with the alphabet, numbers, or colors. :)