Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Regaining my Humanity

It's been a blissfully boring several days here at Casa de Musical. We got home on Sunday morning, and we spent the rest of the day getting ourselves rested, cleaned up, and organized. The Wife and I were even given the privilege of going out for dessert that night! Thanks to Deborah for giving us the gift card to the Cheesecake Factory. We had a nice discussion about finding helpers to keep us sane in the hospital; particularly once The Wife starts subbing soon, we don't want anyone stuck in the hospital with two kids for any length of time, and we want to spread the pressure around a little bit.

Monday was spent unpacking more stuff from the storage locker and starting to move the furniture. We did some relatively major housecleaning, and I got some nice time playing with two boys together.

Tuesday, I actually got to go to a barbershop chorus rehearsal!! Grandma and Grandpa were quite happy to watch the boys. It was fun - not entirely sure if I want to go back, because they aren't quite what I'm looking for in a chorus. Still, I can't believe I actually got to go sing!!!

Today was another nice day. We had a full family breakfast - both boys joined us, and it was so nice. We even had a nice lunch together. I'm getting used to this whole family thing again. I finished taking everything out of the storage locker besides the filing cabinet and the computer desk. I took The Boy to the comic book store, which he was really excites about - until he got there, when he got scared. I think he misses the Little Shop of Comics, which had the friendliest staff and had been part of his life since birth. He'll get used to the new people soon.

Tonight, we had a repeat of The Boy's nightly schedule: snuggle Grandma until sleep, then freak out when we bring him to bed. Wonderful. Nothing better than a loudly screaming child at 11pm. It's nice that he's getting the great bonding time with Grandma, true; we just need to time things better.

Best part of the day for me: I actually got to go exercise at the JCC. Like, lifting weights and stuff. It was awesome! Thank you, grandma, grandpa, and aunt w!

The Boy has counts tomorrow. We're not expecting him to need anything, because he got blood Sunday morning. Here's to hoping. He's still vomiting fairly often, which is no fun for us. It sure is keeping us on our toes to get the Zofran to him. At least he's eating reasonably regularly, even though his consist entirely of: eggs & cheese, noodles and dip, and a few other things on rare occasions (chicken, watermelon, ice cream, sprinkles from cookies, cereal).

Biggest news: the house sale is moving forward. I've been able to sing, to exercise, and even to read a book. The Boy is in a decent place, healthwise. Heck, his blood pressure has been amazingly normal lately! The news is: maybe, just maybe, I'll become human again.

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