Sunday, January 10, 2010

Should be a fun day tomorrow...

Tomorrow, we have a 1PM appointment for a checkup at the oncology clinic at the children's hospital. After the checkup, we should be admitted. They want to do a renal function test, as I've said before, and then start chemo #15 immediately afterwards.

It's been a decent, uneventful weekend, all things considered. My father came by at the end of the week for an uneventful trip. We spent Saturday doing... not much, as I was recuperating from the hospital week. Today was more of the same.

The Boy is doing... well, we're not entirely sure. He's okay, I guess. I think we probably took him home a little too early, as he's still not really close to himself. He hasn't keep a whole lot of food down this weekend - almost nothing today, and only a little bit of stuff from yesterday. We definitely should have kept him on a much, much, much plainer diet than what he had been eating. Not that I think it would have helped, necessarily, but it surely couldn't have hurt.

He's also had a few temper tantrums over the past couple of days, events that are not normal for him. It's a shame, because he hasn't had the time to really enjoy his home stay. He's a good boy, and when he spends his time angry and upset, it's never good.

The best "Go, Team!" moment of the weekend: The Boy vomited on Grandma's lap tonight. Grandma and Daddy stripped him down, Daddy cleaned off the comforter. Mommy took the laundry down to the machine, and Daddy dressed The Boy while Grandma cleaned herself up. Grandpa stripped the rest of the bed and remade it.

On the other hand, Younger Bro and I have had a great weekend. He's been his usual happy, fun, playful self. He loves his silver rattle - a handmedown from Cousin B in California. He'll actually play with it for 15 or 20 minutes at a time! On the other hand, he hasn't taken to the bouncearoo at all - he'll play with the toys, but he won't actually bounce. And, of course, he loves his toes.

The monitor of my PC just died. I'm upset about it. I'll probably run to Best Buy or to Staples first thing in the morning to get a new one.

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