Friday, January 29, 2010

To-do List

We had good counts today, which means that we're off the neupogen and headed towards a showdown with Chemo #16 at some point next week. Interestingly enough, his platelets actually increased this week, from 29 on Monday to 64 yesterday. Not entirely sure how that happened, because platelets aren't supposed to regenerate while he's on neupogen. Whatever. His red count is a little low; if we were at St. Barnabas, they'd transfuse. As it is, I think we're going to wait it out. He's still running around like a madman and eating lots, so we're not as concerned as we would normally be.

Transfusions aren't bad things; we've just gotten so many of them over the last year that we welcome any break from long days and afternoons spent cooped up in the hospital.

This week has been, as hoped, blessedly boring. We've gotten out of the house a little bit - walked around the mall some, walked around the neighborhood on an especially nice winter's day, gone for rides, gone to the comic book store, that sort of thing. Right now, I'm home with both boys while Mommy and Grandma are getting their hair done. Earlier today, Mommy took both boys to a Sabbath Toddlers Service at the JCC, and I went with so that I could lift weights while they did kid-centered religious things. This is, actually, the 5th workout I've gotten in less than two weeks. That's the first time that happened since before Younger Bro was born.

Some movement on the house-selling front. All of the inspections were yesterday, which means that we should get the reports back soon. The prospective buyers want to close quickly - by the middle of February!!! The only holdup? Due to a colossal screwup, the insurance on our underground fuel tank never got transferred to us when we bought the house. So, if there's a problem with the tank, then we are up the creek without a paddle. If not, we buy a new policy and thank G-d for letting us get lucky. No word on whether or not they want the swingset. If this goes through - and there's lots that can go wrong during a home sale, particularly if there's a problem with the tank - then we should be pretty happy with the sale.

Again, I'm extremely happy with the way that things are going. Now that we're through the intense pressure surrounding the surgery and resumption of scheduled chemotherapy, things seem to be settling down nicely. The Boy has kept his blood pressure under control with only one medicine, the enepril. He has another medicine that he takes when his systolic pressure (the upper number in blood pressure) is over 110, and he really only takes that every three or four days, at this point. We're all sleeping pretty well; for the most part, The Boy settles down to sleep between 11 and 11:30, but sleeps through 8:30 or 9:00 on a normal day. We're going to try to get that time to be earlier, particularly considering that The Wife is going to start substitute teaching next week.

Not only that, but I'm actually starting to check more items off of my to-do list than are being adding on! I'm just finishing up with my thank-you notes, and I just finished organizing all of The Boy's hospital and insurance papers. Next is to get copies of music to the Dapper Dans and to some former students, then do our taxes for the year. Weird. I'm not used to long periods of easy times (like, two whole weeks now!), and I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop - so I'm trying to get as ahead as possible.

The current favorite movie is "Fun & Fancy Free," from 1947 - particularly the Mickey and the Beanstalk, told by Edgar Bergen and his puppets. The current favorite playlist on my iPhone is my Top Rated Countdown, and the current games are "Blocks" for The Boy and "Song Summoner Encore" for Musical Daddy.

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