Monday, February 8, 2010

An Altogether Too-Interesting Morning

I woke up four minutes before my alarm went off. That's a good sign - that means I'm rested enough for the task at hand. I loaded the car, started the coffeemaker, made a Thermos, then dressed and loaded The Boy. 30 minutes from waking to leaving - not bad.

The roads were awful. Penn Ave, which is one of the big main streets around here; wasn't really plowed. Plows went over it, but not since early in the snowfall. The road was a solid sheet of ice, raised higher in between tire tracks. Up the big hill on the way to the hospital, my car slowed and stopped, beginning to slide backwards. Fortunately, Liberty was plowed - one of 3 streets that was plowed well, that I saw - and I took a roundabout way to the hospital. The main registration desk was closed, and the emergency room registrar didn't know where to send me. Good thing I did.

Now, we didn't have breakfast. I figured, 6:30 appointment - 6:45 in, 7:00 IV, 7:15 in the cafeteria. Nope. 7:20 in, 20 minutes to root around with a needle, 5 minutes for me to request a new IV team member and tell them about themselves, THEN we went to the cafeteria. Next challenge: because only 2 cooks were on, they weren't taking special orders and only making the breakfast special. Sigh. Waited for a manager, begged for eggcheese for The Boy, got it. He ate half the eggcheese and 1.5 bananas. Whatever - after the trauma and torture he just underwent, I don't care if he wanted a cup of butter to eat.

Back upstairs, a new IV team member found a vein quickly. It's amazing how much easier veins are to find when the kid is fed and juiced, you know? (Had I known the wait would be so long, I would have run to the cafeteria earlier. More fool, I.) The little stinker had proceeded to fall asleep on my shoulder.

He'll stay here until 10:45, when they'll access him and do the first of 3 blood draws. Then, we'll stop upstairs at the hem-onc clinic to find our marching orders, another blood draw, and hopefully admission for chemo 16.

Wish us luck.

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