Friday, February 5, 2010

Another busy day! Hooray!

The day started like the others, sort of. I joined The Wife downstairs as I prepared my breakfast. Grandpa brought The Boy downstairs; as per his usual lately, he cannot or will not sleep in the bed by himself. When he senses that The Wife and I get up, he inevitably follows us downstairs. With luck, he'll shake that soon. Interestingly enough, he doesn't really do that in the hospital; if I get up from the bed, he'll stay asleep without a problem. Weird, no? I think it might still be residual trauma left over from Thanksgiving; he turned around once, and he didn't see Daddy for a month.

Anyway, Younger Bro stayed asleep until around 8:00, allowing me to feed The Boy breakfast (egg and cheese today, as opposed to noodles and dip yesterday) and then clean the dishes. We snuggled for a bit, also, which was nice! Younger Bro eventually got up and took a bottle over the next hour and a half. He was grumpy and out-of-sorts, not wanting to play or to be walked around or to eat. He settled down for a nap around 10 o'clock. I got The Boy settled, and then I packed the diaper bag with yesterday's essentials (plus an extra snack for me), dressed and loaded boys into the car, and went to the local JCC.

They have a very cute Sabbath "service" for the small children every Friday. They sing songs, dance around, and talk about what the sabbath actually means. It's very nice. Grandma joined us at the JCC, which made the boys feel better. At the end, they drink "wine" (apple juice) and eat challah. The Boy, again, didn't join in any of the singing or dancing, but he loved the challah and juice. He was ALMOST playing with some of the kids, but he was still Mr. Shy and was very quiet and passive around the other children. We stayed for a little while afterwards, and he was quite upset when we left. He wanted to play more! We went home and had lunch.

I took Younger Bro to the doctor after lunch and got him his flu shot booster. I am offically the wussiest member of the family, as I'm the only one that screams like a little girl. YB, The Boy, and The Wife all take shots quite well. Not me. 10 seconds after he got the shot, Younger Bro was smiling and flirting with the nurse. I brought the little stinker home, and fell right asleep. The Boy settled in with Grandma, and I went to the gym.

After the gym, I actually got ahold of the county assistance case worker that is "taking care" of our case. He told me that all we needed was birth certificates, and we would then be put into the system! (Yeah, right.) Since everyone in the house was still asleep, I ran them over to the office and sat around until somebody actually went and spoke with him to make sure that the papers were, indeed, in his hands and ready to go. We're still not in the system, which scares the crap out of me because ALL of my medicines run out, like, this weekend. No word on when we're in the system and I can get my medicine renewed; my guess is, the latest will be September. (When The Wife or I get a job.)

We never quite got around to family movie night tonight; maybe tomorrow. Tonight, we played quite a bit, and The Boy had lots of fun tackling Daddy. I also finished my game, "Song Summoner Encore." w00t.

The TV show is "Fringe." The video game, now, is "Reign of Fire." The book is "The Best of Robert E. Howard."

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