Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Boy: Celebrity!

I haven't followed hockey for a number of years, mostly because being a rabid baseball fan is a 365 day a year job, these days. One thing that is causing me to rethink my position is the amount of charity work that the hockey players do in town. I've heard about more Pittsburgh Penguins visiting Children's than the other two big teams in town, by a large factor.

(Granted, several Pittsburgh Pirates might have come to visit but not been recognized. It's a shame, but I'm hoping that I can bring some Yankees luck to Pittsburgh and get the Pirates moving again, at least to a .500 club.)

On Thursday, Penguins defenseman Jay McKee came to visit the oncology ward, and he stopped in the playroom and spent some time with The Boy. He did some coloring with The Boy, and he wrote his name while The Boy pointed out the letters. I'm really cool with that, and Mr. McKee has made a fan out of me.

Now, to find a pint-sized jersey and put a "74" on it...