Friday, February 12, 2010

C-Diff? WTF?

Right now, we are in north Jersey. We left this morning from Pburgh, drove through stopping at Aunt M's for lunch, and went to our house. We signed our closing papers, shovelled some, then went to dinner in town, using a gift certificate to the Stage House. Yummy! Thanks, Dan & Lisa.

What a relief, NOT having to go back next week for the closing. What a relief, to have that off our chests - assuming everything goes through! Saving money on house bills, homeowners insurance, taxes... and, knowing that we can use this official closing as the end of a streak of rotten luck and the start of a turnaround.

Younger Bro is with us. We had Babysitters lined up, but they came down with a stomach flu, so we are probably going to bring him to the wedding tomorrow. Sigh. Not what we wanted to do, but at least he's a nice boy. We could have left him at home, but Grandma is already staying at the hospital with The Boy, making it more difficult.

And, The Boy was diagnosed with c diff again today. Sigh. That's frustrating because it has come out of nowhere - he's been pooping normal-type poo all week except for Monday. He hasn't complained about belly issues, but, hindsight being 20-20, there were a couple of things that we could have seen: some grouchiness, some unusual gas. Need more research on C diff.

They are apparently still going to send him home tomorrow, with oral antibiotic. We're going to need to keep the boys apart for a while, as well as keep the gloved diaper changes going. Still, it's better than the automatic 10-day stay that we had at the other place.

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