Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chemo 16 - Coming Attractions

It's interesting to note that fewer blog posts from me always indicates good times. When the blog posts get fast and furious, it's usually because I'm sitting in the hospital with The Boy. The hospital allows me the time to sit and type out a blog entry, as a large chunk of time every day is spent in quiet physical support of The Boy: giving snuggles and hugs, bringing his highness Play-doh and movies and books and letters.

So, the fact that I haven't done an entry since Friday should be considered a good sign. It is. I have a few moments to type right now, as The Wife is at work (her first day substitute teaching), Younger Bro just went down for a nap, and The Boy hasn't gotten his lazy little butt out of bed yet (it's 8:15AM).

On Saturday, we did... not a whole lot of anything. The Wife exercised. I started our taxes for the year (thank you, TurboTax). Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt W, Mommy and I all played with boys. We went to CostCo, which was lots of fun for The Boy: FREE SAMPLES!!! He had juices, cheese (three times), some fruit, some chips, and a cookie. And, he got to run around the store with Daddy for a little while and play "hide and seek" in the clothing section: Daddy would "hide" behind a clothes table, and he would chase after me. It was fun!

On Sunday, we went out to breakfast with Grandpa and the two boys. It was really nice! Ritter's Diner, here in town, is a nice place for breakfast. The Boy polished off half a banana, an entire cheddar cheese omelette, and a chunk of my coffee! (His height, yesterday, was right at 2 foot 11, and his weight was up to 11.7 Kg, which equals about 26 pounds - his weight at the end of last chemo, when he had been stocked full of super-fluids all week. That's a good thing!) I exercised, and then we took a family excursion.

(One quick side note: public thanks go to Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt W, and Mommy for doing all of the work that they've done in allowing me to start - gasp! - exercising again. Lifting weights is mentally and emotionally important to me, as it's the closest thing to meditation that I ever do. Getting the chance to get that started again is really, really huge. This makes two consecutive weeks that I've been allowed to lift 3 days - first time since March!)

We took the boys to the Carnegie Science Center, and it was a BLAST!!! We had such an awesome time. The first floor had lots of neat sound wave and earthquake displays that the kids could manipulate. The Boy liked the piano and the xylophone display, for obvious reasons. He liked some of the airstream displays, mostly because they had plastic balls or inflatable balls with which he could play. There was a neat walkway with railings that simulated bird wing movement; he loved the walkway, not the railings. He walked back and forth on that walkway for about fifteen minutes. Kudos to the kids who sprinting around like - well - kids; they all were very, very attentive to The Boy, moving carefully around him instead of knocking him over or ignoring him.

The second floor had robots, and that was cool. I tried to get a picture with him and the C3PO figure, but The Boy wasn't standing for it! He was fascinated by a robot arm that picked up and shot basketballs into the net, making about 90% of them. He stood there, watching, laughing, and clapping at the robot's "antics" for about fifteen more minutes! He enjoyed some of the displays: the ones that had plastic balls that he could roll or throw or drop.

The third floor had the fish and the kitchen displays, and he wasn't so into those. We stopped for a snack at a little sitting area; Daddy was smart and brought Pez candy for him to eat.

The fourth floor was the highlight of the day. They had a small person's play area, with a HUGE plastic ball machine that shot balls out, rolled them along conveyor belts, floated them along plastic tubes, and occasionally dropped them from the sky. This was heaven for The Boy! He even borrowed a plastic hard hat and wore it for a while! They had a couple of rooms with drums and metal things on which to bang; he loved that. They had a large splash pool with little rivers and holes to float ping pong balls; he got nice and wet before I nixed this one. They had a big climbing set that was about ten feet off of the ground; I was very proud of him, as he fearlessly went across a couple of little bridges and rickety areas without battling an eyelash!

After an hour or so in this area, both boys and parents were getting tired. We took them home, and The Boy was quite upset to be leaving the play area! With luck, we'll be able to go back on a reasonably regular basis and have as much, or more, fun. Here's keeping our fingers crossed.

Here are the photos. I might put a couple up later this week here, but since they're on Facebook, I'm okay with just a link.

No chemo yet, as his platelets are too low. He got blood yesterday, and I went to another barbershop chorus. The Wife is working for the rest of the week, on a substitute music job, so I'm home alone with both boys - well, alone when Grandma or the various persons she's organized to help aren't around. So, I'm not really alone except for a few hours here and there.

The Boy has counts on Wednesday for a likely admission on Thursday, then a GFR test Thursday afternoon for chemo Thursday night through a Tuesday morning discharge. We'll see what happens.

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