Monday, February 22, 2010

Counts: Good!

We got the counts back - 10.0 red blood cells, 131,000 platelets (VERY good - the floor for chemo is 100,000), a white blood cell count of 23.7 with 13,730 neutraphils. This is really, really good counts - like, start chemo tomorrow sort of counts. (We're not starting chemo tomorrow. Not until next week.) This means that we have no neupogen for the remainder of this 3-week cycle - woot!

Of course, here's where the "where's the other shoe?" comes in. We had severely reduced chemo doses last time - 50% cytoxin, 40% VP-16. This is about as low as the doses can go before, as the doctor put it, "We're annoying the cancer instead of killing it." Does this mean that this is the does that he should get, and will it be enough of a dose? Or, does this mean that his substantially improved living situation has made enough of a difference that we'll continue chemo indefinitely? I'm eager to talk with Dr. Graves. He's going to be talking with "people" about the situation and get back to us. The next two rounds of chemo are carboplatin and etoposide (VP-16), which are incredibly nephrotoxic. Do we give him that chemo, and at what doses?

Either way, we'll enjoy the good counts for as long as they last. Tomorrow morning, we have a speech therapy evaluation at 10:30 for The Boy. After that, maybe we'll head over to the mall for lunch and some playtime. Science center this weekend, maybe.

Younger Bro, meanwhile, is sick. Bronchilitis - not bronchitis - is the diagnosis. Basically, he's really, really stuffed up. We went to the doctor's office today, after Mary Fran - the nurse who comes to the house to do The Boy's counts - suggested that we might want to see the doctor. We have to nose suction him every few hours, and if he gets dehydrated or if he gets amazingly tired from just breathing, then we are supposed to take him to the emergency room. Sigh. We're not particularly concerned, but it requires some attention. I brought him home from the doctor's office and he chugged a full 3.5 ounces of milk in about a minute and a half before a nice nap. The Wife is sick, meanwhile, and The Boy is coming down with whatever YB has. I think I've had it over the weekend, but I've managed to medicate myself with enough antihistamines to counteract this particular cold. Thank you, industrial strength drying agents!

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Sarah R said...

That's great news about the counts!! I hope that they come back and say that what you are doing is the very best plan of action. It'd be nice to just sail through the rest of the chemo treatments PLUS have them work well.

Sorry to hear that YB is sick! That pic of him and Big Bro is so cute.