Thursday, February 18, 2010

eBay Auction

One 2.5 year old boy for sale. Very cute, but a fixer-upper. Not toilet-trained yet, but is trainable. Requires large amounts of noodles, cheese, and apple juice.

Starting bid: $0.99
Buy now: $19.99
Shipping cost: $14.99 via UPS

Auction ends Sunday, February 21, at 23:12 EST.


Of course, this is a joke. Everybody knows eBay doesn't allow you to sell children.

Interesting how I've matured as a parent: post-nap, both kids were hysterical. YB needed a non-poopy diaper, milk, and a meal. The Boy was still needing sleep but unwilling to nap without me. Loud, loud crying.

So, I changed YB, carried both boys to the kitchen, tried to give a bottle while holding both boys on my lap. No good.

Put YB in his high chair, TB lay flat on the floor in full fit mode. While talking reasonably and calmly to both boys, I nuked some chicken and cut up a half avocado. When I put some in The Boy's place, the lure of a favorite food brought him back to Earth. I didn't force it, just waited him out.

Before I knew it, they had powered through two chicken legs and a breast, the entire half-avocado, and a banana. All was well with the world.

Until I needed to clean up. Sigh. Such is life. Still, I'm kind of enjoying the noisy, messy, chaotic pace of my day. While it's a lot of poopy diapers, there's a lot of baby tackles, giggling, and banging.

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Sarah R said...

I'll take him! ;)

love2read said...

I used to give the same sales pitch to my mother inlaw all the time.

My theory was, by the time the auction was over the price would never be high enough.