Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Few Firsts

I've been doing so much examination of our schedule and our life, that I'm not sure if I've addressed some firsts that the boys have shown us in the past couple of weeks.

Younger Bro, who is now a week shy of 8 months old, is showing quite a few firsts. Yesterday, he pushed himself from lying to sitting for the first time. He did it once in his crib, and I think it scared him enough to start crying! He did it a couple of other times during the day as well. He also used the sheet on the mattress on the floor of his room to pull himself on top of the mattress; that was a few days ago. This morning, he clapped - intentionally - for Mommy, for the first time! Clapping babies are very cute. In addition, when we went out to breakfast, he drank through a straw for the first time this morning. He wasn't able to do it consistently, but he did it a few times.

(It's easy to think that, when a baby does something once, they can do it at will. It takes them a few days or weeks to make a skill intentional! They do forget what they did, frequently. It wouldn't surprise me if he didn't push himself to sitting for a few more days.)

His second tooth is in and the same size as the first tooth. That's new. It took that tooth quite a while to break through. He's also doing lots of babbling still, with "Da da da da da" being his favorite (as it should be).

The Boy, meanwhile, has been rapidly developing his sense of humor and his boy-ness. "Tackle Daddy!", "Tackle Mommy!", and "Tackle Grandma!" are his favorite games to play. He only does the full-on, full-body dive onto me, though, mostly because I think it's hysterically funny when he does. He'll do a little bit of playing with YB, although he's very, very aware of the baby's fragility. YB is not aware of a baby's fragility, as on Thursday, he had two great takedowns of The Boy during crazy baby time.

The Boy also does this funny little thing where he runs into you, says, "Oh!," laughs a little bit, then says, "I'm sorry!" That's actually kind of sophisticated; it's a little comedy routine that he developed, which is not necessarily age-appropriate. We know that he uses a fork well; what's funny is how he's been over the past week or so. He picks up food with one hand, puts it on the fork tines, then eats it with the fork. Not quite what we had in mind, but perfectly age-appropriate. He's also very picky about which dish he wants to use for which meal; he knows what bowls and what plates he has, and he only wants specific plates for specific foods.

He's got an "Elmo Live!" doll that we finally unwrapped. Of course, The Boy isn't particularly interested in hearing Elmo tell stories and tell jokes. Instead, he's knocking Elmo over. Elmo says, "Uh-oh, Elmo fell down! Can you help Elmo up, please?" When he straightens Elmo up, the doll says, "Thank you! You're Elmo's best friend!" Then, The Boy knocks him down again. Repeat ad nauseum.

The Boy has also discovered a love of climbing: over and under stuff. He likes trying to climb on top of the coffee tables in the house, and he climbs onto the couch to look out the windows and behind the couches and things. He also likes climbing under tables, particularly the coffee table in the living / play room and in the dining room! It's cute, except when he's climbing on top of the glass table, so that he can stand on the glass. Sigh.

He's said, "_______, where are you?" for a little while. This week, he's also found it amusing to ask for objects. "(Letter A toy), where are you?" I am reasonably sure that he doesn't think they'll answer or come out, but I know he thinks it's kind of funny.

His reading of the Hebrew letters is getting scary-good, scary-quickly. I guess we've been focusing on it for the past couple of weeks, but he's picking things up quite quickly. The Wife just told me that he was reading something of Aunt W's the correct way - right to left instead of the customary English way of left to right that we've been teaching him. I have no idea how he figured that out.

I think that's enough for the moment. Monday starts chemo #17.

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The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Wow, The Boy is kicking butt! He's so cute! The developing sense of humor is so much fun, isn't it?! I am really loving this stage.