Thursday, February 4, 2010

No chemo 16 this week!

We missed counts yesterday, scoring an 80 on platelets. Monday was 84, so we're waiting for next week to start chemo. That's fine. I don't mind more time with good counts.

So, we are going to have much more fun this weekend than we anticipated. We started today, when I took both boys to the Pittsburgh Mills Mall. They have a wonderful play area, with climbing stuff like a park, steps on which to play, and a couple of computers set to Sesame Workshop. The computers didn't work, but the rest was awesome.

The day didn't start out awesomely; Younger Bro broke from patterns and chose not to nap at his normal time. Sigh. Plus, The Boy didnt eat much of anything for breakfast, leaving his appetite and general disposition in question. I decided to chance it anyway.

Packing two babies for a trip is a huge logistic process! Change one, get him dressed with shoes and socks. Chase down and change the other. Pack a snack and juice for each, make sure there are enough diapers and a change of clothes. Hand wipes, sterilizing lotion, two bibs, placemat for YB, change of clothes for each? Check. Load diaper bag in the car, load double stroller, grab one kid and load him, grab the other and load him. 20 minutes after the start of the procedure, we are on the road.

Both boys fell asleep on the way out, so we sat in the car in the parking lot for 20 or 30 minutes while they rested. We went to the playplace, and it was a hit? The Boy had a great time, playing for around an hour. There was a handful of other kids around, which was good. The Boy was watching them and mimicking some things they were doing. He had lots of fun, even if he wasn't physically comfortable doing stuff like climbing the ladder, sliding down the pole, that sort of thing. He'd take occasional breaks to walk around th area and read the letters on the signs.

We had lunch at Panera Bread, which was more difficult than it sounded (try pushing a stroller, carrying two plates and a soda, and chasing after an excited 2-year old. "Cheese sandwich!!!!" after lunch, we went back to the playroom for about 15 minutes, before YB flipped out about being overtired and milk-less.

After we got home, all three of us napped, had dinner, and took Mommy to Target. We again had lots of fun! The Boy ran around and played with everything he could reach. The favorite was the big plastic balls in the big bin. He also liked the movies and books thing.

We finally replaced our iPod for the hospital with a 32GB iPod touch. (It's not an iTouch, people. It's an iPod touch.) it'll hold all of the movies and music for the hospital. Thanks, Cousins Dean & Jen!!!!

The Boy again wore Elmo underpants for a couple of hours without making them wet! w00t!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to take the boys to the sabbath service at the JCC at 11am. It should be lots of fun - they had a good time last week.

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Sarah R said...

Okay, that post makes me tired and scared for my hubby, when he has to take care of two kids after I go back to work. He isn't quite as patient as you (like, he wouldn't take the time to make sure everything he needed was in the diaper bag -- sometimes he skips putting pants on Andrew, etc.).