Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Onto Lighter Things...

The latest medical information and discussion is posted here and won't be discussed in this blog entry. This is for lighter stuff.

So, after last night's late-night movie session (which worked through Toy Story 1 and most of Toy Story 2 before he finally faded at a little after woot o'clock), The Boy slept until almost 10 o'clock. He ate a light breakfast; a decrease in appetite is to be expected at this point in the chemo session. It also didn't help that breakfast was delivered at 8 o'clock and sat for 2 hours. Usually, I time it better. Cie la vie.

Physical therapy came at around 10:40. The Boy was not excited to see her. I wish that we could cultivate a relationship with one therapist, but that's hard to do in a department setting. The Boy walked us to the oncology playroom, and the three of us (therapist, Boy, and Musical Daddy) played some games and played with some toys. This playroom is not necessarily set up to be a physical therapy type place, but we made do because The Boy is comfortable there.

THe therapist left, and we played some more until he pooped. We went back, changed his diaper, and played in the room. We walked over to the couch, and he climbed up onto the couch, exploring the toys and puzzles stored there. The couch is pressed up against the window, so we spent some time looking out the window and playing with the drinks kept there. We played a round of "Daddy, Tackle Me!" until he started getting tired and grumpy. A rest to watch some Sesame Street, then a quick visit to the playroom before another poopy diaper. Back to the room, some more Sesame Street, and a nap. The renal doctor came in at the end of his nap.

After she left, I did some of the new exercises that I learned about from a trainer named Craig Ballantine. He wrote an article some time ago about bodyweight workouts that require no or minimal equipment and can be 10 minutes long; I saved the article on iPhone to use when inpatient. Considering that the workouts take closer to 25 minutes because I have to rest because I have the current physical conditioning of a little girly-man, I think they are worthwhile. At the least, it gets me MOVING.

The hardest thing about hospital time is the complete and utter lack of physical motion. Even chasing The Boy around is slow motion. Most of the day is spent sitting in bed with him, or walking SLOWLY behind him in the playroom or something. I can handle (mostly) the confined space. The motion thing is hard. So, having a brief exercise routine that gets the blood flowing is only a good thing. Maybe I get a pressure pullup bar?

He woke up as I started exercising and was brutally disappointed when I wasn't playing "Daddy tackle me!" We compromised, and he served as back weight for my last set of pushups. Then, dinner, tv, playroom, a few laps of the floor pushing a small plastic grocery cart, then settle in the room for webchat with Mum and Grandma before bedtime.

The only frustrating thing about this trip is the weather. After last weekend's 2 feet of snow got dumped on us, we have had another 8-10 inches today. This has made it exceptionally difficult to get around town, and as such I haven't been home since Monday morning. It's impossible for visitors to come. I also haven't seen my wife since Tuesday morning, and I haven't seen Younger Bro since Sunday night. I love The Boy, but I miss my other son, and I miss my wife.

We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow and Friday. Looks like we might not be heading to the wedding in New Jersey this weekend - at least, not without sled dogs.

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