Sunday, February 28, 2010


Granted, this week's chemo is not supposed to be a particularly difficult one. The carboplatin & etoposide suck, don't get me wrong, but this should be an easy week. Clinic appointment at 1 tomorrow, then admission, hydration overnight, GFR in the morning, and chemo starts when the GFR results come in. (And G-d help the nurses / doctors if they have the same issues finding a vein as they did last time.) Chemo Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, maybe staying over Thursday night depending on when they start the chemo on Tuesday. (We're not going home at midnight. Better to stay the night and leave in the morning on Friday.)

We've had good counts for a week, and we have not had major snowstorms preventing us from doing stuff. And yet, I feel a lot of pressure today to make sure he has a good day.

I understand that it's more for me than for him. He's quite content to stay home, watch a couple of movies, and spend lots of time spreading toys around the house, tackling various adults, tormenting his brother (or being tormented by), and trying to con candy out of unsuspecting adults. And yet, it's not enough for us.

Right now, The Boy is out with Grandma and Mommy at the Aleph-Bet Store (the Jewish Store). They're finding some fun toys, treats, and games for him. This partially celebrates the Jewish holiday of Purim and gives us some extra stuff with which to teach the aleph-bet letters to him.

(Hey, my kid might be a Reform Jew by necessity, but I'll be damned if he's going to be anything less than an extremely-well-educated Jew. If I have anything to say about it, he'll know the language, the stories, the songs, and the prayers. I don't want ANYONE to say that his non-Jewish father was anything less than supportive and helpful in his religious education.)

Later, we're going over to the JCC for the Purim Carnival. It's meant for bigger kids, but we'll attend the Megillah reading and watch the other kids play on the big-kid toys. It's important for him to see all that stuff and to see other kids socializing while his counts are good. If he wants to try something age-appropriate, he can; I don't think there's going to be much, as the toddler Purim stuff was Thursday.

Maybe the three of us will go out to dinner tonight; or, the four, depending on Younger Bro's mood. We want to have a nice day, before the hospital stuff starts.

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