Monday, February 8, 2010

Settling In & Bad News

Once we woke The Boy, we accessed his port. He hasn't been taking it well of late, mostly because of the variety of people doing it. At Barnabas, there really was only a few people that accessed him on a regular basis, so he was used to it. Here, it's someone different each time, and he's flipping out and bucking each time it's done. Not good, and not the same kid that made the YouTube video six months ago.

The blood draws for the GFR went uneventfully. We went to lunch afterwards, and he ate his entire grilled cheese sandwich and half of my pasta salad! We went up to the clinic and waited around for a while.

They called us in, and we chatted with the head nurse (who's preggo) and our doctor for a while. We made counts, and we were escorted over to the floor. We did the whole admissions thing, and The Boy napped for a couple of hours.

So, here's the bad news: the GFR result was bad. Like, down to 34 bad. Like, bad enough that we're going to have a meet and greet with the transplant team.

Don't read me wrong: we are NOT in imminent transplant time, but it's approaching. We knew this was coming, and we knew that it was unlikely that he'd finish treatment because ofthe severity of those treatments. Simply, his body is reaching the point where it simply can't recover from the chemo. So, we try to reduce doses, but we can only do that so much before we aren't fighting potential cancer cells anymore.

We are almost at that point, and we need to be ready for cessation of chemo and the start of transplants. Which means, the next phase of our journey is beginning.

I can't tell you more about the transplant stuff. I am the simple child, who does not ask a question because he does not know what to ask.

Anyway, Mommy walked in at the end of the discussion, and we had dinner. Then spent time playing with paints in the playroom, covering himself thoroughly with paint in the pursuit of his art. Poopy brought us back to the room, where we are watching Tubby the Tuba until Heroes starts.

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