Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Day!

Yesterday, we woke to find 21 inches of snow on the ground. As the day wound down, we would discover that this was the fourth highest snowfall in Pittsburgh recorded history (stretching back into the 1880's). This meant, of course, that we weren't going anywhere all day.

After a nice breakfast, I spent a couple of hours attempting to dig us out. I did an okay job, considering that they had not yet plowed our street by midnight last night. The way our driveway is constructed (dipping down underneath the house) made it more challenging, as there are only a few places to store snow. This means only one car is leaving the garage for the next week or so. I also have no idea what's going to happen with the two cars in the street. Should be exciting.

The Boy watched me work for a little while, which was cute. We didn't take him outside, as it is probably more scary than fun to take him in almost as much snow as he is tall.

After shovelling, we took a whole house nap and ate a late lunch. We played, then dinner, then lots of playing, then bed. The Boy was playing some of his favorite games: "Sit up, Daddy! Sit up!" He then pulls at your shirt until you "fall" on him. "Aaaaaah!"

He also has been using a popcorn tin as a drum, which is really funny and really loud. The popcorn is mostly gone; he liked the caramel corn best.

We have a couple of challenges in front of us: chemo and gfr tomorrow, digging out of the rest of the house today, a wedding back in New Jersey on Saturday, and an alleged closing on our house a week from Thursday. That, and The Wife got asked back to sub for this music teacher for another week (mixed blessing). Won't be boring, that's for sure.

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