Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowed in... again!

We're getting another 3 to 8 inches of snow here in Pittsburgh, with a monthly total of 41.1 inches and counting - easily the snowiest (is that a word?) month in recorded Pittsburgh history. And, no, Dad, this isn't proof that the whole "Global Warming" theory is crap. Global warming is actually about dramatic climate changes, which causes intense weather patterns at the warm and the cold ends of the spectrum.

We've had quite a good week, here at Casa de Musical. The Boy's counts came back quite good, as I relayed in my last blog entry, and we've taken full advantage of that. Mommy stayed home sick on Tuesday, which was good because of the horrendous night for the rest of us. Trying to make it through the day with two children FAR more awake than the three adults caring for them and for each other... let's just say that it wasn't the most parentally productive day.

However, we did have The Boy's speech evaluation at the Children's Institute here in Pittsburgh. This was an exciting time, because The Boy and I got to meet all of Grandma's friends. She works at the Children's Institute, and we met lots of her coworkers and friends as well as her student, J. The speech therapist was very nice and very competent, and she performed a near-miracle: she got The Boy to talk, talk, talk! Matter of fact, he wouldn't shut up the entire time we were with her! (Grandma later said that she was telepathically sending him the message of "Zip it, or you won't qualify!") The therapist said that, indeed, The Boy didn't qualify for speech therapy. She noted that he is quite intelligent and quite aware, with a rather large vocabulary and understanding. In addition, he has perfectly age-appropriate command of the sounds of the English language - R's and L's and stuff like that.

We're worried about the potential for more hearing loss, and about the potential for the hearing loss to affect his speech. Higher frequency hearing loss frequently can cause some speech impediments, particularly in S's and Sh's and Ch's, as you can hear when you listen to a deaf person speak. The therapist said that she heard no delay or retardation of those sounds' development, so there wasn't anything to accomplish via therapy. We'd be quite happy with some supervised practice, but that's not the most productive use of everybody's time. Okay.

After the evaluation, we had lunch in the cafeteria (and more opportunity for Grandma to show off a handsome, well-dressed, charming young boy). The Boy polished off an entire "Big Grab" bag of Doritos as well as some strawberry milk. The rest of the day went by uneventfully, with just a lot of tackling ("Tackle Daddy!") happening in the house.

Wednesday, neither boy felt particularly good, so we didn't get out of the house very much. The boys and I have gotten in the habit of playing together in their room, which is nice. I put some music on the stereo, and we play games together. Well, we play in the same room with each other. Younger Bro typically is chewing on some foam letters or numbers, or trying to move around the room to get something else. The Boy climbs on the beds (there's a trundle bed in the room), plays with the books on the bookshelves, or with toys on the train table. It's quite fun, and it makes nice bonding time for the 3 of us. The Boy even occasionally will play with YB, which makes me really happy!

YB, by the way, has been truckin' along quite nicely. He pulled himself to a sitting position in the crib this morning, in between nursing at 6:00 and Daddy coming to rescue a screaming baby at 6:20. He also pulled himself to standing using one of the toy tables this morning, as well as crawled three steps forwards to try to get this computer on which I'm typing. He's quite near becoming mobile, and he's quite near being able to pull himself up at will! I'm excited for that, because I think he's going to be an interesting kid.

Thursday, the boys and I had a nice afternoon. We took a ride to CostCo and bought some groceries, then went to the comic book store and to drop some checks off at Cousin Ben's office (the dentist). They, in particular, were quite happy to see The Boy. They had seen lots of pictures and heard lots of stories, but hadn't met him yet. At CostCo, the boys were quite cute, playing with each other in the cart until YB got fussy and needed to be carried. Thursday night, the boys, Mommy, and I went to a Purim special hosted by the young children's people at the JCC. It was cute, even if The Boy is still not a social creature.

More on that later. The Boy needs help playing with couch cushions.

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