Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Three down, One to go...

So, some of the stuff that's been going on over the past couple of days:

The house stuff, to the best of my knowledge, is done done done. We're set to close before the 22nd (when the buyers' mortgage guarantee runs out). The walkthrough was supposed to be today, and I haven't heard anything about it. The only things that I might be expecting are regarding a couple of tables in a storage area and a big green garbage can (that had been our recycling can). Either is easily taken care of by people around us. The important stuff is all done and cleared.

Our taxes for 2009 are done and submitted. I claimed The Boy as a "disabled dependent," considering that one of us cannot work in order to provide proper care, and the fact that we spent around four months total in the hospital last year, and that his condition has been 20 months and counting. That helped. It was with a certain malicious glee that I typed our hospital bill numbers and copays and medicine bills into TurboTax.

Our professional stuff is, for all intents and purposes, complete. The only thing that we both have to do is retake the Music Praxis test on March 13. Meh. I have to review some of the music history crap and remind myself what the difference between a German 6th chord and an Italian German 6th chord is. Don't care. I'll be fine. On the general skills Praxis, which I need for my math certification, I got a 188 out of 190 in the math and writing sections, and a 185 on the reading section. That's disappointing, considering my perfect score on the math skills Praxis. Whatever. Everything else is done. I don't think we'll see the actual license itself until October or November, but we'll see.

The organization of the house is, for all intents and purposes, done. We still have to find a better place for all of the musical instruments, but we can actually do that now. As a matter of fact, I'm probably going to do that tonight. I'll leave a few up here for The Boy to play, and The Wife's and my main instruments, but the rest are going into cold storage. Then, the computer can go in that back corner, and I don't have to worry about Younger Bro munching on iPod power cables while dismantling his toys.

The Wife is still working her substitute music job. She enjoys it more than she lets on; while it is exhausting, it's non-medically-related exhausting, which is good for her spirit. She's not a homebody (I am), and being cooped up with two children by herself for HUGE stretches of time really hurt her spirit. I'm having a much easier time of things, because I have so much help from Grandma and from an assorted cast of saints that regularly come by. Plus, we're in a (knock on wood) better health time of The Boy, and that helps. And, plus, neither of us is getting slammed by soulless, shortsighted supervisors and high school band teachers.

The boys are doing well. Younger Bro is working on pulling himself to standing; he can't do it yet, but it surely isn't for lack of trying. He's a big kid, almost as heavy as The Boy. That might make it a bit harder for him to actually pull himself up; I'm sure that it was a lot easier for The Boy to pull 18 pounds to standing rather than Younger Bro's 22 or 23 pounds (guesstimate on his weight). He loves eating, and he loves eating chicken and lamb (Grandma's favorite).

The Boy is - well - two years old and feeling it. Today was a very rebellious day for him - throwing things around and banging on things that he isn't supposed to bang or throw. Resisting mealtimes, naptimes. I think he's not feeling particularly well due to the c diff infection and is taking it out on the rest of us. Whatever. I'm not going to blow my cool because he tosses some books or a tv remote.

Next big task: public assistance. I need to get my butt on the welfare dole in a hurry, as evidenced by the $183 bill for three of my five prescription medications. The other two meds are the expensive ones... and I haven't seen a pulmonologist since October. Our caseworker, Mr. Irons, has done little except for lose applications and grudgingly fill out the application that was hand-delivered to him, but not actually submit anything or get us the support that we desperately need despite eight weeks of trying. I'm going to try to complain to the state capital and see what's happening.

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JC said...

Glad you are enjoying the boys and the wife is getting some kid free time. My thoughts are always with you guys. Glad things are going good!