Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Underpants? Underpants!

Phase one: collect underpants.
Phase two: ???
Phase three: profit!

The Boy put on his Elmo underpants at 11:30, in lieu of a diaper. It's 1:45, he's been asleep for 90 minutes, and they're still dry. Cool!

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Sarah R said...

Andrew has Elmo (and other Sesame Street) underpants and can stay dry for an amazingly long time. The problem comes when he is doing a potty dance and is too scared to sit on the potty (I put him on, he freaks and will not stay on). Any tips there?

Jennifer said...

My 2yr old DD is "totally potty trained." She sits on the potty by herself AFTER she wets in her pull-ups/diaper. lol

Good Luck! Seriously, post any tips your family may have. :)

Musical Daddy said...

Hey, Jennifer, I definitely understand that. The Boy used to crawl into the bathroom, sit down, and poop his diaper. It was really, really funny for us, and it made it quite predictable for required changes.

Musical Daddy said...

And, the tips are all Grandma Magic. Grandma is quite magical, you know.