Saturday, March 20, 2010


The Boy was in short-stay last night from about 2PM until midnight, getting blood and platelets. That's kind of frustrating, because we didn't have a good idea that we'd be getting both yesterday, considering how badly our at-home counts have gotten screwed up over the past two weeks.

Let's see: LOST entirely two Mondays ago; clotted on Thursday, had to be done in person on Friday - that's when we got platelets; clotted on Monday, had to be repeated Monday afternoon (still haven't seen results from this); clotted on Thursday, had to be repeated Thursday afternoon, clotted again, necessitating yesterday's trip to the clinic. Wonderful.

Best part? The nurse in short stay refusing to give the counts to Grandma because he's "not allowed to release the counts without the doctor's permission." Idiot. We need those counts to prepare for the weekend and to prepare for the next week.

Anyway, we got blood and platelets yesterday, which means that chemo on Monday is in doubt. It's not likely that he'll rebound his platelet level up to 100,000 by then, although stranger things have happened. I'm intensely curious to get his counts, but I don't think there's any way to get them before Monday afternoon. We'll see. I'll send a few e-mails today and see what I can shake loose.

Either way, next week / weekend should be fun. The Wife, Younger Bro, and the grandparents are headed to Philadelphia on Friday for a wedding, leaving me & The Boy & Grandpa, who's coming in from Jersey on Thursday night. Should be interesting, having to do neupogen while The Wife is away. Hopefully, we'll get some help; I'm not sure I want to stick him with a needle.

Not to mention, I have a full day of work on Friday, and we don't know where The Boy will be - maybe chemo on Thursday, maybe not. We'll see. I love cancer, as it's made us much more flexible.

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