Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nice thoughts...

On the bus on the way home from work...

I actually sang The Boy to sleep last night. Usually, he doesn't want songs from me - just Mommy. But, I asked him if he wanted songs last night, and he replied with a faint, breathy, "Yes..." I sang the lullabies from Mary Poppins and Dumbo, using iPhone to look up lyrics.

Last evening, Younger Bro was crawling quickly to follow The Boy as TB went from room to room. The Boy was very cool about it, stopping to say, "Look, YB, ---------!", showing the baby whatever was interesting in that room.

The Boy has started trying to dance and sing along with Barney. He's also mad into Thomas. Not so much into Elmo and Sesame Street anymore.

Last night, he upended a box of juice and squeezed it onto the carpet. Interesting bit: by his actions after that, he showed that he knew he misbehaved and was sorry about it. Pretty good for a 2-year old.

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The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Barney... Why do they love him so much? I guess it's payback for whatever we did to our parents! I can't stand him! But she loves him to pieces, so I sing "I love you, you love me..." all the time! Like The Boy, she is now into Thomas and doesn't care much about Elmo anymore.

Soon enough, your boys will be getting into mischief together! That will be fun and cute as can be, I am sure!