Friday, March 12, 2010

Nothing unusual.

Platelets finally came around 2:40. Mommy came by after school and spent time with us until we drove home at 3:45. I had a quartet rehearsal for Saturday's show, as I'm tagging in for a couple of numbers for a sick man. Then, dinner and studying for tomorrow's music Praxis exam.

Tomorrow: leave 6:45 for the exam. Done at 9:30. Home to sleep (I hope), then at my show at 2:30 for rehearsal and sound check. Still have two songs to learn. Dinner at 6:30, sing at 7:30, afterglow to follow.

Above: The Boy offering his Batman book to Younger Bro. Nice, huh?

Interview on Monday about a math job. Not sure what I think; am excited about the opportunity (great school, great kids), nervous about the prospect of not being there for The Boy (or of running into another soulless beast like Linda King or Doug Schwarz). I do enjoy teaching greatly, and having money is nice - start to rebuild money for a down payment on a post-chemotherapy house, you know?

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