Monday, March 8, 2010

Stuffy stuffy weekend

Highlight of the weekend: Younger Bro was sitting on the floor, playing with the rings from one of the stackable ring sets, minding his own business and fully engrossed in his task. The Boy, in full impy mode, comes up, puts his hand on YB's forehead, pushes, and yells, "Tackle Younger Bro!" YB hit the ground with a loud, audible thud (The Musical Family is possessed of much harder-than-normal cranial bones), with the predictable, loud result. This was immediately followed by a reminder to The Boy that it is okay to tackle Daddy, okay to tackle Mommy, but not Grandma or the baby.

The other highlight of the weekend came at the park on Sunday afternoon, where we went despite the inches of snow on the ground. The Boy was playing on the climbing sets joyfully! By the end of the day, he was crossing the rickety bridge on his own, with no help! It took about a half-hour of "work" to encourage him to do this, but it was well worth it.

I also can't forget YB's first time in a swing. He enjoyed that very much, just as much as getting to move around the play area a little bit.

Counts were done today at 10AM, but results weren't available as of 4PM. Sigh. The rest of the day was spent in bed, as I'm stuffy as all get out - like, dizzy to stand up kind of head-cold stuffy. Lazy, lazy day, although YB spent a good chunk of it crawling around the living room. He hasn't quite discovered exactly how free he is to move around, but he will soon enough. I'm concerned, because I have the feeling that he's going to be a lot more kamikaze than his brother. We're exploring how to best utilize the baby gate thing.

Funny picture of The Boy from midafternoon today:

Heading out now to go to a midnight opening of Best Buy to get Final Fantasy 13. Wish me luck.

Edit: forgot to put up the pics before I left, but mission accomplished. The only thing I missed was The Boy's projectile vomiting from a sound sleep at midnight, precisely when I was buying the game. Sigh. Here's a picture of The Boy throwing a fit on the floor when I wouldn't let him take three bowls with which to eat one granola bar:

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