Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday magic

The night started with a massive puke while I was getting my video game. The Boy stayed with Grandma while Mommy washed the sheets, and we slept in the boys' room for the night. I woke up to this view of Younger Bro:

After breakfast, I walked down the street to the doctor's office to get a TB test done. There's an 8th grade math class that needs a sub, so I might spend a few weeks there - get my feet wet, to see if teaching math might be something that I could actually get behind. To be a teacher, you need one of these on file. Get stuck with a needle, wait two days, and get the form signed. Walk back home, play with boys until YB goes down for a rest and The Boy falls asleep on my lap, then it's time to break in my new video game.

It's amazing. Like, Avatar-level beautiful. Fun, too! I played chapter one of twelve, which took me around 45 minutes. We played, had lunch, tried to nap again with no luck. So, I packed The Boy in the car and went to the Frick Park Blue Slide playground.

(Of course, here's where my iPhone stopped doing phone things, like receiving calls and messages. So, we were off the grid for a couple of hours until we got home and reset the machine. Argh.)

We had such a fun time! The Boy made a new friend, L! This boy was born 3 weeks after The Boy, and his little sister is only a little younger than YB. The parents are both teachers in local districts; I met Mom S. S is a cool lady and a Lost fan, which I can get behind. The boys played for around 90 minutes, and they really played together: chasing each other around, tagging each other, cheering each other on! L even said, "Mommy, I love The Boy!" it was very sweet. That's also the first time I've seen him really socialize with another kid, and I'm happy about that!

On the way home, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts. I got coffee (The Boy drank about a quarter of it), and The Boy got a munchkin, which he happily devoured. He napped for a couple of hours until dinner, then played with Grandma until I got him at 9 for stories, songs, and bedtime.

Did I mention that the lab / hospital lost the blood sample from Monday? Sigh. How frustrating. They got the other two that Mary Fran dropped off, but they lost The Boy's.

Naptime closeup:

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mbs4174 said...

love the socializing. so cute when kids that young enjoy each other's company. but the pictures are the best part.