Saturday, April 17, 2010

Careful What You Wish For...

So, we love that YB loves to sleep in his crib, as our bed doesn't have enough room for everybody. So, when we got to the hotel late last night while in DC to visit Aunt Peggy... Younger Bro wouldn't sleep in the Pack'n'Play. Oh, boy. Screamed loud enough to wake The Boy, which is tough.

Thankfully, Grandma did her thang and helped get him to sleep, or it could have been BAD. Ugh. Next time... bringing a U-Haul with a crib. (j/k)

Here's YB chewing on me. He was sitting on the floor, crawled up to my feet, and chomped. Yowch!

Fun: two babies, one bathtub. Wet, but fun. They're big enough - and The Boy is off treatment - so we can throwthem in the same tub. w00t!

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