Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Comic Book Store!

One of my favorite activities with The Boy is the weekly trip to the comic book store. Assuming he's in a decent mood, it's a fun time for everyone involved.

We walk up the stairs, pointing out all of the people along the way. His favorites are Batman, Aquaman, and Spiderman. Why Aquaman? The Brave and the Bold cartoon has a brilliantly over-the-top-dramatic Aquaman. At the top of the stairs are two display cases, one with little statues and the other with superhero themed drinking glasses. He likes those, too.

In the store, he'll sometimes follow me through the books and point out the comics of the people he knows. Then, he likes going to the back of the store and playing with the discount posters - he will take the hat off of my head, proclaim "Bop!", and tap the poster on my head. Very cute.

He'll look the the action figures and the t-shirts, then run around for a bit, then complain loudly when we leave. We'll usually point out different people on the way down.

Then we go to Starbucks. I get coffee, he pulls a juice from the little open fridge.

Today, all four of us went to the comic book store, then out to eat at Lulu's Noodles. No Starbucks -noodles! It was a nice day. He went to sleep tonight around 6:45, and has basically been asleep since. 4am playing, maybe?

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Location:7th Ave,Pittsburgh,United States

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-Manda- said...

Since you and your boys love comic books so much you should check out Free Comic Book Day! It's May 1st (this Saturday) at your local comic book store. You may want to call ahead and make sure they are participating. It's free and fun!