Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Nice Day

It was a nice day, even with the amazingly rough start. Cutting through to the highlights, we took the boys to the Pittsburgh Zoo. They had a nice sale today: bring in an old set of prescription glasses and get a free admission. Grandma generously donated some glasses to the cause.

Neither boy was particularly interested in the animals. The Boy did a bit of looking and a lot of walking and climbing on things. He was entertained by the sea lions, laughing at some of their antics and sounds. He wa entranced with the elephants; he first wanted to climb the fence and pet them! Later, where the elephants eat area allows you to get up close behind some plexiglass, and he was fascinated. Score!

He was moderately interested in the bears and uninterested in the monkeys. He like the tiger, a bit. Didn't care about the sharks, but enjoyed watching the polar bear swim up close to the glass where we stood.

Younger Bro did some looking around but mostly slept in Mommy's carrier. Very cute. Here's a pic of the little bear with a real bear in the background:

After we got home, he slept for about four hours. I tried to get him up a little early for dinner, but he was angry and inconsolable. After another half hour rest, he was fine. Grandma theorizes that we're starting another growth spurt.

I just hope that he sleeps better tonight. I'd like some growth; he's been at his current height for a while. I'm looking forward to his hair coming in, if for no other reason that stopping hearing other, littler kids say, "Look at that baby!"

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